Combine the best of IoT and KNX

Our vision : Global Integration… Going beyond KNX

It is our Leitmotiv, to develop open and communicating products that revolutionize the world of integration in the smart home & building environment, from home automation to BMS (Building Management System). Our approach involves taking into account the requirements and limitations of the industry, while leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions that enable you to achieve your objectives more efficiently and effectively. By doing so, we empower you to exceed expectations and fulfill any demand with ease, both now and in the future. As our living spaces become increasingly connected and digital, the importance of using KNX technology is more pronounced than ever. With its status as the sole genuine standard in the building industry, KNX offers a reliable and effective solution for managing and controlling various building functions.

Despite the benefits brought by connected and IoT solutions, integrating and interoperating these new functions into our daily lives can be incredibly challenging. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that these solutions work together seamlessly to provide a cohesive experience.It was therefore essential to bring these two worlds together to achieve an Augmented KNX

With our Can’nX solutions, it’s possible to design, implement, and optimize connected building systems with ease. Our solutions provide a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to streamline the process of creating connected systems, ensuring that they function optimally from the outset.

Our Products

Our product range is designed primarily for professionals who work on technical batches, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.
CFO (High Current) / CFA (Low Current) / HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) / PB / GTB (Technical Building Management)

KNXcertified professionals , audio-visual integrators, connected building experts, or home automation technicians, discover the freedom to enrich the functionalities of your installations with our product range! We have developed unique products for universal applications and durable solutions for immediate implementation. The latest generation of technologies is in your hands to boost and improve your performance as well as that of your customers. From now on, you have the choice to create your own solutions to link them, supervise them to the KNX system or to other protocols according to your needs. You can therefore integrate advanced features to be even more agile and autonomous. You have access to reliable, interoperable, flexible and secure solutions. This provides the freedom to customize and finalize home automation projects to meet specific requirements, and to create unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Our vast experience is dedicated to serving your installations and integrations, ensuring they are executed flawlessly : 

Deploy standardized infrastructures and solutions

Connect and make the equipment communicating

Commissioning faster even in construction site conditions

Operate and monitor your installations with flexibility

Our services

Optimization of KNX & IoT / BMS installation

Regardless of the type of project, we assist you in selecting equipment based on your needs, desired functionality, and budget, ensuring that you have the right tools to achieve your goals. We offer a multi-brand price comparison tool, as well as solutions optimization and variants, wiring rationalization, and script programming for advanced functions, all of which can save you valuable time.

Our expertise empowers you to integrate new home automation functions, enabling the smooth deployment of a universal architecture for managing the technical aspects of your building.

KNX pre-programming

We can prepare simple or advanced programming, while ensuring the proper functioning of the chosen solution. It’s important to note that not all KNX products are created equal, and certain functions may not be possible with some products. We suggest that you highlight these limits and go beyond them. By entrusting us with your installations, you can focus on your business while we take care of commissioning and controlling your systems with ease.

Programming complex functions easily

Share your needs with us, and we will code even the most complex functionalities to meet your requirements. Our team can interface different systems in ways that have never been achieved before. With our expertise, we can tackle even the most challenging integrations.

Design and Prototyping

Whether you have an idea, a desire, an unexpressed need, or even the craziest of requests, we are here to help you bring it to life, whether it’s a one-time project or something that needs to be replicated thousands of times.


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