Combine the best of IoT and KNX

Our vision : Global Integration… Going beyond KNX

It is our Leitmotiv, to develop open and communicating products that revolutionize the world of integration in the smart home & building environment, from home automation to BMS (Building Management System). Starting from the needs and constraints of the field, using all technologies open to the future, we design solutions that will allow you to go further, faster, and therefore meet any request. The technological and digital evolution of our connected living spaces only accentuates the use of KNX technology, the only real standard in the building industry.

However, connected and IOT solutions are invading our daily lives, bringing new functions that are very difficult to integrate and interoperable… It was therefore essential to bring these two worlds together to achieve an Augmented KNX

Our Can’nX solutions make it possible to design, perform and then optimize connected systems in the building.

Our Products

The range of products that we have developed is primarily for use by professionals working on technical batches
CFO (High Current) / CFA (Low Current) / HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) / PB / GTB (Technical Building Management)

Certified professionals KNX, audio-visual integrators, connected building experts, or home automation technicians, discover the freedom to enrich the functionalities of your installations with our range of products! We have developed unique products for universal demands and durable solutions for immediate implementation. The latest generation of technologies is in your hands to boost and improve your performance as well as that of your customers. From now on, you have the choice to create your own solutions to link them, supervise them to the KNX system or to other protocols according to your needs. You can therefore integrate advanced features to be even more agile and autonomous. You have access to reliable, interoperable, flexible and secure solutions. It is therefore the freedom to adapt and finalize tailor-made home automation projects and to create your own solutions.

All our experience at the service of your installations and your integrations: 

Déployer des infrastructures et solutions standardisées

Connecter et rendre communiquant les équipements

Mettre en service plus rapidement même dans des conditions de chantier

Exploiter et monitorer vos installations avec souplesse

Our services

Optimization of KNX & IOT / GTB installation

We help you choose your equipment according to demand, expected function and price, whatever the type of project. Multi-brand price comparator, optimization and variant of solutions, rationalization of wiring or script programming for any advanced function, we will save you time!

Thus, thanks to our know-how, we give you the means to integrate new home automation functions, and thus to facilitate the deployment of universal architecture on the technical management of the building.

KNX pre-programming

We can prepare simple or advanced programming, while ensuring the proper functioning of the chosen solution. Not all KNX products are equal, or some functions are not possible. We suggest that you highlight these limits and go beyond them. You can thus concentrate on your business and easily continue to commission and control your installations.

Programming complex functions easily

Tell us your needs, we code the functionality, even the most complex! You will be able to interface different systems that have never been done before, we can do it!

Design and Prototyping

You have an idea, a desire, an unexpressed need, a craziest request, we are here to help you design it for once or for thousands of times.


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