Can’nX is presenting its cloud solutions at the IoT Solutions 2023 World Congress, held in conjunction with ISE 2023.

Can’nX, a leading IoT solutions provider, showcased its latest innovation at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, in collaboration with Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), another major industry show. The cloud-based platform is designed to automate buildings and provide greater energy efficiency, comfort and security.

The solution is built on the KNX standard and is very flexible, allowing for a wide range of applications, including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, blinds, and more. It allows organizations to easily manage their KNX devices and assets, with features such as remote monitoring and control, real-time alerts and notifications, and customizable dashboards.

“We are excited to present our latest cloud-based KNX solution at the IoT Solutions World Congress in collaboration with Integrated Systems Europe (ISE),” said Nioclas Colombi, CEO of Can’nX. “Our platform is designed to be highly scalable, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. We believe our solution will help organizations unlock the full potential of their KNX devices and assets.”

The cloud-based KNX solution also includes advanced analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights from their data and optimize their operations. It is highly secure, offering advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect against cyber threats.

Le Congrès mondial des solutions IoT, en collaboration avec Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), est l’un des principaux événements de l’industrie de l’IoT, réunissant des entreprises, des chercheurs et des experts du monde entier. The event provides a platform for companies like Can’nX to present their latest solutions and innovations.

Overall, the presentation of Can’nX’s cloud-based KNX solution at the IoT Solutions World Congress in collaboration with Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was a great success, generating a lot of interest and excitement in the industry. The solution is expected to be a valuable addition to the KNX ecosystem, offering organizations a powerful and flexible platform to manage their devices and assets in the cloud.

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