KNX – IoT router: switch to augmented KNX!



Remote connection gateway via ETS, which automatically connects to your cloud account in order to be able to download, modify, or even monitor your KNX installation

Secure Service

The secure connection thus created allows you to have secure access via a VPN without software to install. You access the data generated by your installation in your secure cloud space

Cloud Strength

You benefit from Cloud access to view the status of your installation, monitor the data generated, script any function between KNX and IOT equipment with an API

Why Kloud'nX?

Remote access to your installations is often fragile because of several elements: dynamic IP address, change of internet box or operator, securing your access or even the network configuration not accessible…

In addition, remote access allows you to offer real service to your customers without having to travel. You can complete your commissioning at your office, check that it is working properly, adjust and fine-tune your regulations, but also monitor and switch over your heating to air conditioning installation…

We now offer you a tool to optimize the management of your working time and reduce the significant costs of your trips to your customers in terms of configuration, commissioning, maintenance and upkeep of your KNX installations. .

This KNX – IoT router is THE solution for KNX certified electricians, integrators looking for new functions or heating engineers concerned about the proper functioning of their installations.


Here are two additional functions that will allow you to anchor our product on all your KNX installations: 

Unlimited integration

In order to combine the advantages of KNX and the IoT world, we have integrated a Node Red programming module which allows you to develop flows, by yourself or via our services. Thus, you will be able to add any type of specific developments or integration of third parties that have an API. In addition, you recentralize certain KNX functions for more flexibility and advanced functions. You can finally adapt your installation according to the most demanding requests of your customers or the functions which are not possible with certain home automation systems.

Monitoring & Notifications 

Through your cloud interface, you can import your ETS configuration file, choose the group addresses you want to track, and you can very easily create graphs to check and validate the operation of your installation. The service is offered to monitor 50 group addresses free of charge for 3 months. In addition, we offer you various non-binding subscriptions allowing you to monitor many more addresses. Some services are accessible without subscription such as notification, flow development, remote access, etc….

You can also create a notification service (push or email) on the value of a Datagram or if the bus fails. 

General overview of a communicating installation

Schema pour Kloud'nX

Scope - Recommendation

  • Centralization of KNX data for script or advanced function
  • Monitor and access KNX installations remotely
  • Chat with IP devices and interact on KNX
  • Retrieve information / orders that requires secure authentication on Crestron
  • Deploy a BMS architecture in IP in the building
  • Interact between the different building equipment

Technical characteristics

KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30v, 5mA

Ethernet: 10/100Mbps

Power supply: 9-30v DC, 2W

Operating temperature: -25°/+55°C

Dimensions: DIN Rail – 2 modules – 35mm

Made in Europe

Number of connections: up to 12 tunneling connections

2 years warranty

Product connected with

An overview of subscription plans

Kloud’nX can be used with or without a subscription, see below for more details on the different types of subscription available:

                          Free Starter Pro
Commissioning & Remote use KNX
Maintenance & Commissioning of HVAC KNX
Advanced Maintenance & Monitoring and Energy Optimization
KNX IoT Router
Automatic connection to your Cloud space
Remote ETS parameterization via VPN connection
Maximum duration of a VPN connection
Duration of communication with VPN before disconnection (for the free version, you can remain connected for 1 hour before an automatic disconnection. You can thus restart the procedure to establish a new secure connection)

1 hour
12 p.m.
Home Automation Central
API development space and libraries
Data logger and monitoring
KNX bus voltage and connection supervision
Predictive failure detection and logging over the subscribed period
Creation of curves from cloud values over the subscribed period

Period subscribed: see Data retention

Data retention
Specifies the data storage period. for example, 4 rolling months: data beyond 4 months is automatically erased

1 month rolling
4 months rolling
12 rolling months, beyond average daily values retained
Cloud group addresses
Number of clouded group addresses, beyond 2000 addresses contact us

Up to 50
Up to 500
Up to 2000

Duration of service
Indicates the duration of the service: 3 months offered for the free version and 1 month / 12 months to renew for subscriptions

3 months
1 month /12 months (renewable)
1 month /12 months (renewable)

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