KNX input module
Din rail, compact & connected


Module with 4 dry contact inputs, connected to KNX, in DIN rail format and compact (1 module). Mod'nX allows you to connect your technical alarms, OF/SD of your electrical panels, etc... to its inputs and to find them on your home automation supervision or BMS. Each NO or NC input can periodically emit a presence or absence of alarm, thus ensuring a guaranteed operation of the system

Autonomous Eco-System…

In combination with other products from our range, you can create a real decentralised technical alarm system. Easy to deploy and intuitive to use. It can be stand-alone or connected. The alarms are visual via a LED indicator display, and audible with a personalized message for each alarm via a loudspeaker

…Or Connected

Combined with the Kloud'nX, you can monitor or be notified of alarms connected to the Mod'nX from your smartphone and keep an alarm history

Why Mod’nX?

It is the only KNX 4 binary input module that takes a single DIN rail module. Economical, it allows easy recovery (OF / SD / TA / TS)* in a small footprint with minimal wiring.

Combined with the products in the Can’nX range, the whole system becomes a real stand-alone or integrated technical alarm system, with advanced and connected functions: push, notification, broadcasting of sound and visual alarms.


Here are two additional functions that will allow you to anchor our product on all your KNX installations:

Autonomous or Connected

It is important today that certain technical alarms are processed immediately by the home automation system and that the customer is notified. Circuit breaker lowered, differential tripped, high level of a tank, fire, flooding…just as much essential information for your customer’s peace of mind. You can systematically offer our Secu’nX bundle connected to your home automation or simply pre-programmed to make it autonomous.

Monitoring & Notifications

Through your cloud interface, you can very easily create graphs to monitor and notify alerts on your smartphone, but also log certain alerts.

General overview of a communicating installation

General overview of a communicating installation
(Standalone version)

Scope - Recommendation

  • Circuit breaker tripped or disconnected
  • Technical alarms: high level, faulty pump, theft/fire alarm…
  • Transmit your alarms to your home automation or smartphone
  • Log your alarms
  • Deploying a distributed and universal architecture for BMS
  • Raise the TA (remote alarm) / TS (remote signalling) / OF (circuit breaker position open / closed / SD (circuit breaker status on trip or fault) states
  • To reduce space in panels (1 DIN rail module for 4 inputs)


+++ Input characteristics

Signal voltage: supplied by the pushbutton interface. approx. 29 VDC (bus voltage) when the contact is open

Signal current: when contact is closed: 0.2 mA dc per channel when closing: 0.1 A pulse

Signal delay: 50 ms including bounce time

Input signal duration: min. 50ms

+++ Output characteristics

Signal voltage: supplied by the pushbutton interface. approx. 4.7Vdc, 1.9kOhm resistor (integrated)

Current: When the output is short-circuited, the current is about 2.5mA

+++ Technical data

Small footprint 1 DIN rail module, 13.58mm

KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30V, 5mA, all channels as input: 6mA, all channels as output: 14mA

Power supply: Bus voltage: via KNX/EIB bus line

Operating temperature : – 5 – + 45 °C

Dimensions: 90 x 11mm, depth 57mm

2 years warranty


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