KNX gateway for swimming pool connected with PoolCop or Klereo systems

Image du produit Poolnx pour Klereo - Passerelle KNX pour piscine connéctée

New KNX Gateway

Offers the only integration solution between KNX and the connected pool world

Bespoke Poolside Features

This device broadens the scope of services that you can offer, extending beyond smart building automation to include connected swimming pools

Pool Management Systems Integration

Integrates swimming pool equipment into a home automation system or connected building technical management

Why a connected swimming pool?

Connected pool systems available in the market make water quality monitoring effortless in comparison to traditional pool maintenance methods.

The treatment and maintenance of your connected pool will therefore be easier to manage thanks to the following automatic controls: 

Regulation of Ph, Redox, temperature | Appropriate filtration duration |  Automatic filter cleaning |  Protection of equipment according to water and air temperature | Water level control, automatic filling and emptying depending on the weather

Why Pool'nX?

Pool’nX is a solution for interfacing connected swimming pool equipment that is not compatible with home automation and BMS standards on the market.

Pool’nX enables seamless integration of pool information and commands with the KNX protocol, facilitating interoperability with all types of home automation or supervision manufacturers


Your swimming pool integrated into the home automation system:

The swimming pool will now become a new room in the house, with similar functions to any other living space. It can have lighting systems, sound systems, heating, and even access control. However, these systems are often diverse and require integration into a unified control interface.

PoolnX through its KNX compatibility allows you to integrate it with the main home automation systems on the market: Crestron , Domovéa , Savant , Homelynk , Lifedomus, Vantage, Control4…

The swimming pool integrated into a BMS:

  • Similarly, integrating the swimming pool system into your Building Management System (BMS) enables you to easily manage the various parameters of your pool. With this integration, you can monitor and control your pool’s lighting, heating, water quality, access control, and other functionalities from a single interface.
  • Visualization, control and management of your swimming pool from any supervision software

General overview of a Pool'nX installation

Synoptique pour Pool-nX - Passerelle KNX connectée pour Poolcop et Klereo

Scope - Recommendation

  • Around the pool in a single home automation application or on a touch screen
  • To integrate the equipment around the pool into the BMS (technical building management), in order to centralize information and monitor equipment and water quality

Technical characteristics

KNX TP, S-Mode (ETS), 30V, 5mA

Ethernet: 10/100Mbps

Power supply: 9-30V DC, 2W

Operating temperature: – 25°/+55°C

Dimensions: DIN Rail – 2 Modules – 35m

2 years warranty

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