Customizable sound diffuser

Différentes personnalisations de Speaknx - Couleurs : Or, Métal, Plastique Noir et Plastique Blanc

KNX product

Speak'nX is a KNX product that integrates sound or message broadcasting functions that can be triggered by KNX telegram. It also incorporates temperature and hygrometry probes, two inputs and an RGBW indicator. Everything is configurable to disseminate the right information at the right time

IoT Ready

Directly or associated with the Kloud'nX, the Speak'nX integrates a Wifi and Bluetooth chip allowing you to open up to the world of IoT... and create functions of all kinds


Customizable by functions and uses, customizable by the sound tracks you can create, customizable by its finishes, standard or high-end according to the renowned brands Meljac, Legrand Art Epure, Orsteelswitch, Modelec... everything is a matter of choice for a tailor-made configuration

Why Speak'nX?

Sound and message broadcaster, custom-made and KNX / WIFI connected doorbell

Speak’nX is a unique solution to meet multi-functional and complete loudspeaker. It operates by impulse from KNX commands to broadcast various sound effects.

Thus, this product is unique, as there is no customizable KNX / IOT connected doorbell solution (melody and finish) including configuration of IP chimes with 2N and Doorbird .

In conclusion, the Speak’nX easily integrates into any standard or high-end home automation installation thanks to its finish and custom functions.


Uses any bespoke audio technology, discreetly integrated into your clients’ spaces.

To begin with, this connected broadcaster allows the broadcasting of completely customizable sounds or messages. It fits into a standard box, connected to the KNX bus.

Has multiple applications and functions.

Above all, it can be used as: Connected doorbell with customizable melodies | Alarm broadcaster | Multilingual Personalized Messages | Integrates temperature and hygrometry probe

Stylishly integrates audio home automation technology into your customer spaces.

The Speak’nx is therefore available in several finishes, from the most standard (format 55) to the most high-end in order to blend in with your equipment. It also takes up with style the finishes Meljac, Art Epure, Orsteelswitch.

Therefore, it can operate autonomously on KNX bus or through home automation systems such as: Crestron , Lutron , MyHome, Niko.

Open to other home automation integrations/systems.

General overview of a Link'nX installation

schema pour speaknx

Technical characteristics


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n/e/I

Bluetooth 2.4GHz, classic, BLE, v4.2

Auxiliary Power Supply 5…36VDC

MP3 player, micro SD card reader

2W speaker


Format 55×55 or metal finishing plate 80×80

Standard box depth: 50 mm

Différentes personnalisations de Speaknx - Couleurs : Or, Métal, Plastique Noir et Plastique Blanc

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